Catering Atlanta

Design Studio Coordinator

"Creative isn't the way I think its the way I like to Live"- Paul Sandip

Amber has always been a Creative; rather its dabbling in art, poetry, floral or fashion her passions are ignited in all creative platforms.Amber's journey began as Visual Manger in the fashion industry. Designing and executing window displays and coordinating colors and patterns based off current trends, this soon led to a position as a Boutique Manager. 

Amber's time as a Boutique Manager open the doors to new interest such as Event Marketing. Promoting the boutique through special events and curating ways to give clients an exceptional experience gave her the "Event Bug'.

An instant career change followed soon after, she began working for a former event company as a Floral Designer or as Amber likes to call it "a flower artist". After becoming knowledgeable about the industry, floral and design, she was then promoted to Floral Design Lead. Amber knew that the event design industry was where she would prosper.

Being a part of A Divine Events as a Design Studio Sales Designer has awarded Amber with a company home where her creativity and design skills can thrive.

"Its all about the experience, My design philosophy: Tell their story, Surpass Expectations, and Be True to the clients Individuality."


Design Studio Coordinator Amber Higgenbottom | A Divine Event